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at a lower cost? have helped 100’s of UK businesses since 2009 make the most of their online advertising.

We help a wide range of companies with the sole purpose of increasing phone calls, leads and sales.


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D. Chapman - Handy Experts


"Clicks have helped us expand to cover a huge part of the UK and become one of the largest home service companies in London"

Stuart - Salvum


"They give honest advice, listen and react. My business and marketing are in a safe pair of hands."

Jason - Cruise Circle


The effort they have put in to help our business grow over the years has been fantastic, cannot recommend enough.

Building Successful Campaigns Since 2009

We work and have worked with many different types of businesses.

Plumbers. Mortgages. Cruises. Estate Agents. Bridal Shops. Shopping Centres. Photographers. Accountants. Gifts & Ecommerce. Electricians. Security. Sports Memorabilia and much more.

"They give honest advice, listen and react. My business and marketing are in a safe pair of hands."

Stuart. Director

How can solve your marketing problems

Ensure your hard-earned marketing budget is responsibly managed. Our team will ensure your accounts are properly monitored, you receive the information you need, when you need it, and get full support.


Our work involves everyday monitoring and adjustment as well as working toward a longer-term strategy. W keep abreast of the day-to-day fluctuations in performance so we can react straight away to changes in ad positions, traffic levels, competitor behaviour and all factors that can affect your ROI.


The transparency of PPC statistics means every penny spent and penny made can be tracked and accounted for, and our service is no different. We offer you bespoke updates and reporting giving you the information you find most relevant and useful to your business.


You can always get hold of your employees when you need to, and the same goes for us – whether you prefer speaking with us by phone, email, or video, we’re happy to oblige. With the PPC Experts you’re never out of touch and you’ll never have an unreturned call or email.

No CommunicationLimits

We are great communicators, we are always available and you will never have an unanswered phone, email or chat from the company or your personal PPC analyst


You will always get us on the phone, however, there are many ways in which you can get in touch when you need something fast

Email / Chat

Most reporting is done via email, but you can also get us on most chat functions such as WhatsApp when you need us


Video is a great way to communicate, especially when things get technical, our team understands that and are always available for face to face chats.

Google & Bing Ads Partners

Operating since 2009, and working with PPC marketing since the first inception with espotting and goto, before Google introduced what was known as Google AdWords. Experience goes a long way in the industry, things are constantly changing, and understanding the process and and the history of paid search marketing, as well as the wider principles of marketing, makes us amply qualified to help drive your business forward.

Our business thrives because of long-term client relationships so if it seems Like we’re going above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with our service, it’s because we are. We are not a sales organisation and would far rather spend our time optimising our valued clients’ accounts than fighting for a succession of new, short-term clients. Our own marketing campaign is modest, for this reason, and it allows us to focus all of our energies on working on yours, while our Low marketing spend helps keep our rates exceptionally competitive.

Our service is perfect for existing Google, Bing or Facebook advertisers who are familiar with PPC, but who know their accounts are not making the most of their considerable potential. Whether you run your own account in-house but are keen to take your advertising to the next level, or you currently have a marketing manager but feel there’s room for improvement, you’re just the sort of client who we regularly take on and help. We haven’t yet come across an existing account that can’t be improved upon.

Featured Clients

Some of our highly valued clients and their thoughts on us

"Clicks have helped us expand to cover a huge part of the UK and become one of the largest home service companies in London"

Dominic. Director

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